The Fisherman

Four years ago, on this day, I made this editorial cartoon with a caption, ““He who wants to catch a BIG FISH, must ALSO start fishing at his OWN POND”.

2013-09-26 15.30.35

The fisherman is no longer fishing, but it looks like there is a new fisherman in town wanting to catch the “opposition”.



Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 119-92 in favor of giving the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) the amount of (only) Php1000.00 budget for 2018. The House making a statement vote, considered this a small victory against the CHR, which has been critical of the present administration’s war against drugs.


Hoping the Senate will act differently.


In the Senate hearing this afternoon, Senator Richard Gordon and Senator Antonio Trillanes had a heated exchange after the former rejected the latter’s request to invite the president’s son and son-in-law to the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing.


Senator Trillanes wanted to invite the two personalities after their names were mentioned by Custom’s Fixer Mark Taguba. However, Taguba’s statements were considered “hearsay” when he could not substantiate his claims and directly answer the questions of Senator Gordon. And so… in his usual stubborn stance… the good Senator Trillanes, a former rebel soldier, is back acting like a kid, throwing tantrums!


Sketches from Seoul

Since we are always on the go during our recent vacation in Seoul, South Korea, I tried making five (5) minute sketches. Here are few of them.


EWHA Womans University  – This is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve visited. Lots of greens and wide spaces.

Sketch2Dongdaenum Stadium Memorial – this Museum beside a pond captures a scenic (or should I say, “ZEN-ic”) atmosphere.

Sketch3.jpgDongdaenum Museum – This massive architectural piece of art holds various exhibitions, fashion shows, forums, conferences, and other events.

How I wish I had more time so I could sketch a little longer but given the limited time we had, I tried to sketch as fast as I could just to capture the moment. I think I should do this more often. Taking pictures is one thing, but making sketches gives you the ability to notice the little details and appreciate what is in front of you.